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This Men's Altama Hot Weather Coyote Boot with Panama Outsole/ Type II boots hot weather for tropical climates. It features breathable a durable synthetic fabric with  in-step drainage outlets  to aid your feet stay dry from water, moisture sweat and enjoy aeration.


The upper materials, from full-grain leather, are breathable as well as very high in strength . The  leather could  be polished.


More Details


  • The collar is padded collar for extra comfort
  • 100% Full Grain Suede Leather
  • The tongue is gusseted to keep dirt/dust away.
  • LENZI non-metallic L-Protection anti-penetration board in the sole to keep your feet safe from sharp objects.
  • The boot is breathable it has tear-resistant upper
  • Features a Panama rubber outsole for added adhesion to mud, soil and forested soils.
  • Comes with  speed lacing hooks to maintain  snug as well as secure fit
  • Detachable , well cushioned, polyurethane insole for extra comfort

Altama Hot Weather Coyote Boot with Panama Outsole


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